Sherese Brewington-Carr

Leading Authentic Advocacy for
Black Women & Girls
Team Transformation!
Transparency & Trust

There will be a complete open book/door  policy and access  to NC100BW operations, alliances, partnerships, fiscal activities  and related business  for member information to develop and maintain your Trust.


We believe every  member is an invaluable resource, equitably important and deserves mutual regard. We commit to practice this and expect the same among every  member internally and externally towards our allies, partners and the greater community.


We will advocate as credible thought partners by using progressive strategies and best practices, being present and taking informed positions that authentically present your voice on relevant social issues, public policy and legislation that directly impacts Black women and girls.

National Branding

We shall build upon our foundation, NC100BW strengths and continued growth to  sustain our national brand as a premiere advocacy organization and Think Tank for Black women and girls unapologetically.



We commit to uplift and provide meaningful technical and professional assistance to all NC100BW chapters and its membership for alignment and  connection to build a stronger organization together.

Fiscal Accountability

We ensure this critical NC100BW portfolio maintains fiscal  integrity, accountability  and stewardship  of our resources using GAAP within the FASB. We will implement  cost efficiency and savings  to our members with full disclosure and reporting, progressive fund development to build endowment and capital assets, and brand development to attract, secure and maintain  corporate, government, philanthropic and relative funding to support NC100BW Agenda and its membership.

Open Communication
Promote and practice a culture of communication that is consistently responsive, (you will always get an answer), transparent (open with discretion used to protect privacy) and respectful to support positive interpersonal  relationships between our members and your leadership.
Together with every chapter and by engaging every member, we are committed to a complete REJUVENATION  of NC100BW as a mission driven organization for Black women and girls.
Measurable Results
We will with each Chapter embrace and achieve Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound-SMART Goals to determine measurable results and share the meaningful impact of NC100BW programs and initiatives.
We shall demonstrate honor and sincere appreciation for each member.



We are determined  to preserve  and strengthen the NC100BW as a premier advocacy organization.

We are  absolutely  inspired  by each member and  our accomplishments, today and tomorrow, on behalf of Black women and girls. NC100BW members matter and are our most important resource!
As a nonpartisan organization, we respect the rights of everyone and will  work with all credible and ethical interest on behalf of Black women and girls.
Our commitment to each NC100BW member and our mission is non-negotiable.

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